Drabek Web Solutions provides website design, development and ongoing support services. We specialize in customizing WordPress sites for small businesses and individuals. For clients who wish to maintain their own website content, we also provide WordPress user training.

New Website Development

WordPress.org or WordPress.com?

A self-hosted WordPress site, using software from WordPress.org installed on a web host, is still the way to go if you want unlimited flexibility in choosing your theme and plugins, or wish to use third party tools, such as Google Analytics or MailChimp. Of course, flexibility and features come with a higher cost, both for initial implementation and ongoing support.

As website builders continue to evolve, we have started setting up clients with low cost websites hosted by WordPress.com. The core software is the same as for WordPress.org. The features are limited, but have improved significantly over the last few years. Plus, you don’t have to worry about ongoing software updates.

The best way to understand the difference between the two types of WordPress is to compare renting an apartment to buying a house. Here’s an article that explains the difference: The $64,000 Question: WordPress.com or WordPress.org.

Process for Creating Your New Website

Your Requirements
The Bid
Web Hosting
Design & Development
Go Live!

Ongoing Site Support

Once the site is up and running, ongoing site support is available on an hourly basis. We can usually complete basic updates within two business days (Monday – Friday PST). Generally, no additional support is needed for WordPress.com sites.

Examples of Support Tasks
WordPress Security Updates
Website Backups

WordPress User Training

WordPress page updates and blog posts are done through screens that are meant to be “user friendly”. For the most part, the WordPress editor is easy to use, but it helps to have someone guide you through the first time.

See our WordPress User Tips for immediate help.